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Computer Security

Computer security

Any computers that are used to access sensitive and confidential documents should be password protected. A person needs to set up a user account and set their password. The password should not be a common word and should be something that only the user will know. When a person is done on the computer they should log off so that this computer is locked until they sign in again.

When these documents are no longer needed they should be destroyed. Important documents should never be just thrown in the trash. If the documents have been printed out and there is a paper copy, all of these copies need to be shredded using a paper shredded. If this information is online deleting an email or a file is not good enough. A person then has to do into their recycle bin and empty it. The files will still be on the hard drive of the computer but this will limit access to anyone that comes near the computer screen.

Risk assessment

A firm should complete a risk assessment of their programs from time to time. This will allow them to know how secure their system is and if they need to many any kinds of changes. This will help minimized the risk of their system being broken into a data becoming unsecure or lost. This will also help prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and others intercepting data.
There are cloud storage programs that can be used to keep important information. This is a great backup in case something gets accidentally deleted. In order to access this information a person is going to have to sign in with a user name as well as a password. While this will make it easy to access information from any computer a person has to take measures to keep this information secure when they are on the road.
It is important to recycle materials as well. This will help benefit the environment and will allow a law firm to become green. While all documents that contain confidential information do need to be shredded this shredded paper can be recycle. Any information that does not contain sensitive information should be recycled and no additional measures need to be taken. This will help the law firm help out the environment.

With all the papers that they use and all of the legal documents that need to be printed thousands of sheets of paper can be used for one case along. Instead of throwing this out recycling it will allow this paper to be used again and help reduce waste. It will also help reduce the number of trees that need to be cut down to make this paper.

With the use of digital information law firms can drastically cut down on the amount of paper that they use. While the internet will allow for better communication with less waste it does need to be secure and all information that is sent over it should be safe and steps taken to protect it.

Ethical responsibility

Law firms have an ethical responsibility to keep client information safe and secure. They need to keep all of this information safe and protected from others. If this information gets into the wrong hands it can cause a great deal of damage and even possibly jeopardize a case.