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Law and Technology

With the increase dependence on technology it is important that all documents that are sent and received online remain safe. This information is confidential and sensitive material should be kept secure and private.

When it comes to the practice of the law it is  especially important to keep all documents safe and secure. Law firms see a lot of confidential information and have an incentive to keep it protected. Technology and law is a new issue and is raising new ethical concerns. There are some ways to make sure that all documents stay safe both online and offline.
If paper documents are still needed or if something is printed offline they need to be kept in a secure place. All of this paperwork should be kept together and well organized. These documents should be kept in a cabinet or other area that can be locked. This way there is limited access to these files and documents and not just anyone can pick them up and read them.

Make sure you keep your documents secure

Sometimes a lawyer or other members of the firm may have to send secure information or secure documents over email. This is one of the fastest ways to share information but it is also risky. There are many times when an email is accidentally sent to the wrong person. Even if the email is deleted it can still be found in the trash as well as the sent folder which is something that many people forget about. When sending emails be sure that it is sent with encryption technology.
The intended receiver can be given a password they need to enter before they open this document. This will help keep the information from getting into the wrong hands. This will also help make sure that the information is not tampered with and no one can make changes to it.
If a law firm is going to have to send information online they can develop a portal to use. They can have a portal for employee access as well as one for client access. Before entering this portal a person will have to enter a use name and password.

This is a safe way to sent documents to clients. It is quick to use without having to compromise on safety. A person will have control over who gets to see the documents, can look at the history of how often it was viewed, and maintain vision control.

The law firm will be able to control who this information is shared with and keep prying eyes from seeing sensitive information. This system will also help simplify communication. Instead of going back and forth on email and researching for old emails and edits this program will have everything in one place. This will offer a safer way to access and use information.